Scan Below The Surface

Computerized bathymetry is a survey method for collecting data on water depths and obstructions In lake beds, ponds, or rivers and is the first step in beginning a dredging project.

Rowboat employs the “Josh Allen #17”  Bathylogger  ROV Catamaran tied to a BL-700 echosounder coupled with a GNSS GPS Survey Trimble in order to produce detailed maps accurate to 1 cm.  The data is then input into

HydroMagic software to produce depth and contour maps overlayed on your site.

It is an important tool for permitting and also for verification when run before/after a dredge job is completed to ensure all specifications are met.

What Is Computerized Bathymetry?

Bathymetry (/bəˈθɪmətri/; from Ancient Greek βαθύς (bathús) ‘deep’, and μέτρον (métron) ‘measure’)[1][2] is the study of underwater depth of ocean floors (seabed topography), lake floors, or river floors. In other words, bathymetry is the underwater equivalent to hypsometry or topography. The first recorded evidence of water depth measurements are from Ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago.[3] Bathymetric (or hydrographic) charts are typically produced to support safety of surface or sub-surface navigation, and usually show seafloor relief or terrain as contour lines (called depth contours or isobaths) and selected depths (soundings), and typically also provide surface navigational information. Bathymetric maps (a more general term where navigational safety is not a concern) may also use a Digital Terrain Model and artificial illumination techniques to illustrate the depths being portrayed

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The first step in a dredging project is to create a study of underwater depths to determine a dredging strategy.
We can also perform these studies for a fee for litigation or longitudinal studies of siltation growth.

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