Commercial Marina Construction

Commercial marinas offer a wide range of benefits for boat owners and businesses alike.

Marina design and construction have come a long way in recent years, and today’s marinas are built to withstand the elements and provide a safe haven for boats of all sizes.

In addition, commercial marinas can offer a wide range of amenities, such as restaurants.

This makes them an ideal choice for boaters who want to enjoy their meal while continuing to enjoy the lake.

Perhaps most importantly, commercial marinas provide a safe and secure place to keep your boat. This is especially important for business owners who use their boats for work purposes.

That's where ROWBOAT drives in to save the day!

By choosing to partner with ROWBOAT for your commercial marina, you can rest assured that your boat will be well taken care of!


Even if you currently have a marina, but it’s looking a little worse for wear,
we can help with any repairs you need to bring your marina back into the limelight!


ROWBOAT is proud to be a Family Owned Local Market Leader and has pioneered the use of:

Established in 1975 ROWBOAT has the experience to design the perfect lake structure to fit any need and Bring Your New Marina To Life!

We Are Here For You!

🕒 Are you actually going to show up?


ROWBOAT does not waste your time with constant rescheduling.

📃 Do you help with that terrible permitting process?


ROWBOAT will take care of the entire permitting process ensuring that you’ll always have a legal ground to stand on.

💸 How much is this going to cost?

Less than you would think!

ROWBOAT prides itself on selling cost-effective products on value not on price!

✨ What if I'm looking for something a little more unique?

Not a problem!

ROWBOAT can customize the design of any marina for any situation, adjusting to whatever situation you need to provide the perfect lakefront experience!

🚤 Are there any commercial marina problems that ROWBOAT can't solve?

We have the solution to anything you could need to build on the lake.