Beyond being a highly experienced and professional engineer-led company – We love what we do and take the lead in what our clients desire. Selecting a dock should be fun!

We’re direct, transparent, and operate with integrity.

What makes us different is that we can produce many products in our shop and ship them to your site without noisy construction disrupting your day.

Our service area is a 450-mile radius around our headquarters in Mooresville, NC, and can travel as far south as Hilton Head and north into Virginia. We consistently serve Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Mountain Island Lake, High Rock, Badin, and all turfgrass or industrial complexes in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

As viewed in our gallery, we are a proud custom dock builder who can deliver virtually anything you can imagine.  We produce both residential and commercial marinas.

Applications have been made in excess of 6,000 docks across our history.   We do static piers and floating docks which are selected for site application.  Our docks can be wood or steel frame based for durability and decked in various materials from composites to exotic hardwoods. We also add PWC docks as selected by the client.  In addition, we have built many shoreside structures, boardwalks, and even bridges for golf courses.

As a full-service company we repair and renovate dozen of docks per year and perform the following work:

  • Re-floats or float replacement
  • Re-Decking
  • Boat Lift upgrades or installation
  • Pile Driving, Pier repairs
  • Side Board/Waler Replacements
  • Dock Bumpers and swim ladders
  • Add or Replace a Dock Roof
  • Dock Cleaning, power washing, sanding, and staining
  • Major repairs, rewelding, and reconfiguration
  • Dock Assessments, surveys, and consulting for HOAs and Real Estate Teams

Dredging is a very specialized vocation requiring experience and heavy equipment. We perform a multitude of dredging services both on and off lake including coves, river channels, ponds and industrial complexes. We tailor our approach based on the site application.  Rowboat can apply mechanical dredging via long reach excavators and barges or high tech cutter head suction technology pumped into settling ponds or geo-textile bags.

We begin the process by performing a sonar survey by drone ROV tied to GPS to determine current depths and conditions. We then work with the customer to develop a dredge strategy and develop pricing options , contracts and permitting.  Execution involves mobilization ,  excavating and then cleaning up.  A post dredge ROV survey is then reviewed with the customer.

At the customer’s request, we will create all permitting documents according to state, local, and Lake Services requirements.  Ultimately, the property owner is the requestor and will be required to pay all fees unless they authorize Rowboat to do so.   Dock & Maintenance permitting charges are $650 plus county and Duke Lake Services fees.  Dredging Permit services are billed at $750 plus Duke Lake Services Fees.

Permit durations run between 4-8 weeks, depending on jurisdictional workload.  Complicated dredging permits can take a minimum of 60 days due to multiple stakeholders who have to weigh in.

This is a very difficult question due to the number of variables and custom options each client selects. We will collaborate with you through the site visit and design process to determine base costs and recommend options or value engineering ideas. We take the same pride in a $700 job as we do in a $200,000 custom dock.

We generally can make repairs within 10 days and deliver a new dock within 3-4 months (including permits).  Dredging varies with the amount of material that needs to be removed and ranges from the day for land-based services to 7-8 weeks for large areas.