Marine Dredging

ROWBOAT is a marine dredging company that specializes in shoreline and dock area dredging, having completed thousands of dredging projects.

Our dredging services have many benefits, including:

– Increased water flow and circulation
– Reduced sedimentation and sand buildup
– Improved water quality
– Enhanced aesthetics

Dredging services are highly effective and can provide significant improvements to your shoreline or dock.

If you are interested in dredging services, ROWBOAT is the perfect company for you!

ROWBOAT can take care of any dredging project no matter how big or how deep!


Even if you currently have a dock, but just need a little more space to park your boat,
we can help with any size job to give you the space you need!


ROWBOAT is proud to be a Family Owned Local Market Leader and has pioneered the use of:

Established in 1975 ROWBOAT has the experience you can trust to tackle any dredging project!

We Are Here For You!

🕒 Are you actually going to show up?


ROWBOAT does not waste your time with constant rescheduling.

📃 Do you help with that terrible permitting process?


ROWBOAT will take care of the entire permitting process ensuring that you’ll always have a legal dock to stand on.

💸 How much is this going to cost?

Less than you would think!

ROWBOAT prides itself on selling cost-effective products on value not on price!

✨ What if I'm looking for something a little more unique?

Not a problem!

ROWBOAT can customize the design of any shoreline for any situation, adjusting to whatever situation you need to provide the perfect lakefront experience!

🚤 Are there any dredging problems that ROWBOAT can't solve?

We have the solution to anything you could need to build on the lake.