Want To Spruce Up & Renovate Your Vintage Dock?

We Got You

Rowboat provides multiple services to bring an old dock back to life including:

  • Re-Decking
  • Roof Additions
  • Frame Repair & Welding
  • Handrails
  • Float & Re-Floats
  • Lift Additions
  • Inspections
  • Power Washing
  • Sanding & Staining
  • Insurance Reporting
  • Pile Pullin & Replacement

That’s where ROWBOAT drives in to save the day!

ROWBOAT can take care of the repair or renovation of any dock no matter whether you’re looking for a sturdy fixed dock for entertainment, a floating dock for easy lake access,
or anything in between including boat lifts, LED lighting, and more!


Even if you currently have a newer dock, but it’s looking a little sun damaged,
we can help with any repairs no matter how small to bring your dock back up to ship shape!

ROWBOAT is proud to be a Family Owned Local Market Leader and has pioneered the use of:

Established in 1975 ROWBOAT has the experience to design the perfect lake structure to fit any need and Bring Your Dream Dock To Life!

We Are Here For You!

🕒 Are you actually going to show up?


ROWBOAT does not waste your time with constant rescheduling.

📃 Do you help with that terrible permitting process?


ROWBOAT will take care of the entire permitting process ensuring that you’ll always have a legal dock to stand on.

💸 How much is this going to cost?

Less than you would think!

ROWBOAT prides itself on selling cost-effective products on value not on price!

✨ What if I'm looking for something a little more unique?

Not a problem!

ROWBOAT can customize the design of any dock for any situation, adjusting to whatever situation you need to provide the perfect lakefront experience!

🚤 Are there any dock repair or renovation problems that ROWBOAT can't solve?

We have the solution to anything you could need to build on the lake.