Meet The Rowboat Team

The current Rowboat Staff is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals, who bring diverse specialties and talents. They have been carefully selected for their ability to provide innovative solutions and are considered among the most talented in their individual fields. Collectively, this team owns the reputation of this business and are “Considered Among the Very Best”.

Bob Wilson / Founder & President
Leah Smith / Executive Assistant – Project & Permit Coordinator
James Nantz / Operations Manager
Greg Harrison / Project Manager – Estimator
Melissa Wise / Accountant
Steve Johnson / Equipment Manager
Ted Denison / Captain, Cutter-head Bristol Scott
Gerald Weekly / Captain, Cutter-head Aimee Clark
Nick Saddler / Driver
Shawn Drum / Crew Lead, Senior Operator
Brandon Parsons / Business Development
Hunter Chapman / Crew Lead
Wes Norris / Crew Lead
Taylor Morse / Crew Lead
Ineke Wilson / Marina Group Manager
Cohen Atkins / Marina Group Operations Manager